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Pink Euphoria Candles

Summer Crush

Summer Crush

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Strength Level

  • STRONG: Intense fragrance, ideal for larger spaces or creating a significant impact.

Unveil the allure of night with our Luxury Summer Crush Candle, inspired by the enchanting essence of a midnight bloom. Hand-poured with the finest coconut wax and clean, non-toxic ingredients, this candle ensures a pure and eco-friendly burn. The captivating fragrance opens with the luscious aroma of ripe pear, seamlessly blending with the ethereal notes of cherry blossom, and anchored by the deep, seductive scent of dark musk. Infused with premium fragrance oils, it evokes the mysterious elegance of a garden in full bloom under the moonlight. The natural wooden wick adds a soothing crackle, enhancing the serene atmosphere. Encased in a sophisticated, reusable glam metal tin, our Luxury Summer Crush Candle transforms any space into a sanctuary of nocturnal beauty and tranquility.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils

Top: Agave, Pear
Heart: Rose, Marine, Cherry Blossom .
Base: Powder, Dark Musk, Amber

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